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Help wanted job signA stigma follows those who go to drug rehab to receive treatment for drug addiction, which can make it extremely difficult for them to move on after rehab and get jobs in order to legally support themselves. Many addicts feel like they have to lie in order to even have a chance at job opportunities – which causes a host of problems on its own. So what do you do to increase your chances of getting a job after you get out of drug rehab?

  • Spruce up your resume. It may not just be rehab that caused a gap in your resume. A long-term drug addiction usually means poor references and getting fired, which is no good for getting a new job. If you find that your interviewers are less than thrilled with your resume and references, do something to make it look better. Do volunteer work. Take the smallest job you can get even if it’s not enough money or pay to cover your bills. After a month or so, ask for references that you can attach to your resume.
  • Try for many different kinds of jobs. It doesn’t matter whether you were an advertising exec, a teacher, a construction worker or a cook before drug rehab. Now that you’re done, expand your horizons. Try a new field if you’re not making any headway with interviewers in the same kind of job. If you were in a management position, apply for a step or two lower down on the ladder. Don’t turn down any opportunity but don’t stop trying to get the job that you want.
  • Go back to school or improve your skills with related classes. If you’re not getting the jobs that you want, consider going back to school. Money is no excuse; almost everyone who applies for financial aid will qualify for a government loan that you can wait to pay back until after graduation. Go for a Bachelor’s degree, increase your skills with a Master’s degree or choose a vocational program, and start applying for internships and part-time jobs in a field associated with your degree while you’re still taking classes, listing your schooling on your resume.
  • Don’t give up. If you don’t get a job right away, don’t stop trying. You’re definitely not going to get anywhere sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself or by relapsing. Keep looking for new openings, keep calling for interviews, keep checking back on resumes you’ve put in and keep adding new things to your resume. It will happen and before you know it, you’ll have a job that helps you to stay clean and sober during recovery.