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in laws on prescription painkillersThis spring, bills were advanced in Texas and Kansas that would benefit all taxpayers by seeking to ensure that welfare would be used for its original purpose: to temporarily assist those in a time of financial crisis. Money is finite, and the bills advancing this spring reinforce the new political climate of fiscal responsibility.

The bills differ slightly from one another, but both Kansas and Texas are now states that drug test the recipients of welfare. This drug testing provides a layer of accountability for the individual receiving funds from the government. The individual who has an addiction and receives welfare benefits will now be much more likely to get assistance for recovery and healing in a timely fashion.

Children who qualify for assistance will see two positive results from the bills in Kansas and Texas. They will continue to receive benefits regardless of the result of the drug test of a parent or guardian. If welfare recipients are parents are in recovery from an addiction to any substance, they will have an additional incentive to remain drug-free.

Understanding the Benefits of Accountability

Proponents of the bill say that drug testing is beneficial to both the taxpayers and welfare recipients of the states of Kansas and Texas because it may mean:

  • Less wasteful spending. When drug testing identifies those who are abusing the system, it means less wasteful spending. More money can be made available for treatment options to help those who can’t finance their own rehab program.
  • Faster recovery. Addicted welfare recipients may view drug testing as an incentive to seek rehabilitation and remain actively engaged in their recovery for the long-term in order to remain drug-free. Although it is difficult for an addict who is in the midst of their addiction to appreciate how important accountability can be to the healing process, it can initiate a positive life change that lasts a lifetime. Faster recovery is important to the taxpayer as well, because it can facilitate the process of a return to employment for the welfare recipient, thus negating the need to spend the taxpayer’s money on welfare.
  • Better parenting. Parents who are sober and attentive parent better than those who are high or intoxicated. Children who are raised in a drug-free environment are statistically more likely to be drug-free, active members of their community. Helping to increase the levels of abstinence among those who receive welfare is a benefit that will better the lives of addicted parents, their children, and non-addicted taxpayers who share the community.

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