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bigstock-vintage-microphone-22103411Miley Cyrus has unfortunately acquired a reputation in the media for making questionable choices. Her latest single entitled “We Can’t Stop” has served to fuel the fire of gossip thanks to its repeated and blatant promotion of drug use. In fact, the whole album is characterized by lines that refer to drug abuse, and many are wondering if the singer is working hard to shift her target audience or sharing her new interest in drug use with the world.

The song “We Can’t Stop” includes lyrics that state: “Everyone in line in the bathroom, Trying to get a line in the bathroom, We all so turnt up here, Gettn’ turnt up yeah yeah.”

The term “trying to get a line” likely refers to the use of cocaine or crystal meth, and the term “turnt up” is defined by the Urban Dictionary as: “the act of getting drunk and high to the highest degree, or a state of altered consciousness induced by alcohol or narcotics, also being happy and excited and energetic.”

Stars as Role Models

The life of a movie or music star is one that is consistently watched, photographed, and discussed by critics and fans alike. In today’s culture, stars hold a role model status not necessarily because they deserve it but because American culture often mimics the actions of those perceived as being trendy and fashionable. This attempt to reproduce other’s lifestyle choices in an effort to create a trendy identity for oneself is especially prevalent in young women. It’s unfortunate when a child star glorifies the use of addictive substances, but it’s a reminder as well that drug use and its issues can strike anyone – even the most famous and wealthy are not immune.

Be the Change You Want to See in the World

For those who prefer to live a life that isn’t defined by drugs and alcohol, simply choosing not to purchase pro-drug use media is a logical choice. However, if your loved one identifies with these types of music, movies, and other media, it can be an indication that drug use and abuse is an issue. In combination with other signs of drug use, it can help you to determine whether or not treatment is the best choice for your loved one.

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