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You’ve heard of Al-Anon, the group dedicated to helping those who love an addict or alcoholic. The goal is to fight codependency in a toxic relationship, learning how to help someone you care about without enabling their addiction. Families Anonymous is a similar program, developed to help those who love an alcoholic or addict – as well as the addict or alcoholic themselves.


An excellent resource for addicts and alcoholics after recovery as well as family members, this 12-step group is becoming more and more popular in communities across the country.


The Benefit of Families Anonymous


Most 12-step groups seek the attendance of a specific group of people. Those who are dependent upon cocaine will attend Cocaine Anonymous (CA), marijuana addicts may go to Marijuana Anonymous (MA), heroin addicts and prescription painkiller addicts may go to Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and so forth. Though all addicts are welcome at most Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, friends and family members are usually relegated to codependency groups or Al-Anon. Families Anonymous brings the two groups together for the first time, allowing an open dialogue and support that includes everyone in the family — couples, parents, children, siblings, etc.


What Families Anonymous Supports


Families Anonymous 12 step programsFamilies Anonymous members support the idea that the family comes first. Family members of addicts and alcoholics are prone to worry until they are exhausted about their loved one living with an addiction. In some cases, the addiction of one family member can engulf the life of those who love them. Families Anonymous believes that it is important for family members to prioritize their health and wellbeing first and then attend to the daily issues that come with caring for someone who is addicted.


Family members are encouraged to remember that they cannot control the choices made by their loved ones. At a certain point, learning how to detach and to allow events to unfold as they will without attempting to force a specific outcome will assist the family as well as the addict they love.


Avoiding enabling behaviors is another focus of the Families Anonymous. Many parents and partners do not realize until they begin to attend meetings that by providing their loved one with a place to live, giving them money, bailing them out or covering for them, they are making it almost impossible for them to stop using drugs and alcohol. Allowing your loved one to experience the consequences of his addiction is one of the ways that he will more quickly come to accept that active drug addiction is unacceptable and that treatment is the only way to get the results he wants.


Getting Help for Your Loved One at Drug Rehab


Drug rehab is the best opportunity for your loved one to get their life back on track. You can provide them with an intervention letting them know that you will no longer accept their drug and alcohol abuse as normal behavior. Contact us today to learn how a professional interventionist can assist you and to begin the process of enrolling your loved one in drug rehab.

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