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alcohol beverage being pouredFormer bachelorette, Meredith Phillips – who began her career as a model, won a role on the reality series The Bachelor, and then returned the following season to star in the reality series The Bachelorette – spoke to ABC News about the struggles of being an alcoholic. Meredith has been sober for about six months after checking herself into a rehabilitation program for two months. During the interview, Meredith spoke about moving from bottles of wine to boxed wine so that she had the ability to hide the boxes and about the prevalence of alcohol on the set and behind the scenes of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Drinking and Dating

Drinking and dating seem inseparable in our culture. Often called “liquid courage,” alcohol serves as a “social lubricant,” making awkward first encounters easier on all involved. Unfortunately, including alcohol on a potential romantic venture causes a ton of problems for the drinker. In dating specifically, the drinkers may:

  • Not be themselves and give a false impression
  • Not recognize a dangerous situation for what it is
  • Do things they later regret
  • Believe that the person they are with is a good match – or not – mistakenly

Alcoholism and Relationships

Should the relationship grow beyond dating, alcohol may often still play a large part, and relationships in which one or both parties abuse alcohol or are addicted to the substance can be fraught with difficulties. These include:

  • Losing a potentially positive relationship. It is difficult to be in a relationship with an alcoholic. Key items associated with relationship, such as memory, loyalty and responsibility, are often lost under the influence of alcohol. Few relationships survive the emotionally taxing experience.
  • Financial loss for the couple and/or heavy financial burden on the non-drinking party. Alcoholics may have a difficult time holding a position of employment and often spend enormous sums of money on bars, clubs or alcoholic beverages. This often places the full burden of financial support on the non-drinker.
  • Loss of physical health. Alcoholics often spend large amounts of time recovering from an episode of drinking. Coupled with risk of cirrhosis, lowered immune system, and high risk of accidents, this all jeopardizes the physical health of an alcoholic and, in some cases, the safety of those around them.
  • Mental health symptoms. It is difficult to maintain mental balance if one frequently uses alcohol. Alcohol wreaks havoc on brain chemistry and hence the emotional state of an individual.
  • Arrest. The majority of domestic violence calls are due to the aggressor being under the influence. Drunk in public, driving under the influence – there are a slew of reasons why a drinker may lose his freedom or, at the very least, end up in front of a judge facing hefty fines and community service.

Healing After Alcoholism

Relationships are just one of many areas that require healing after alcoholism. Get yourself or your loved one started on the path to recovery when you contact us at the phone number listed above.

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