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cocaine addiction treatmentIt’s one of the biggest problems that comes out of a family member’s cocaine addiction and, sadly, is born out of a genuine desire to help and protect the addicted family member – codependency. Codependency is the enabling of a loved one’s addictive behavior by supplying them with anything they need that stops them from having to deal with the natural consequences of their addiction and their behavior under the influence of cocaine.


Treating cocaine addiction often starts with treating the codependency of a family member. It continues with ongoing codependency treatment and support as the addicted family member undergoes cocaine addiction treatment.


Signs of Codependency: What Does It Look Like in a Family?


Depending upon the situation, codependency can take a number of different forms. For example, let’s say a wife and mother is addicted to cocaine. She is often late picking up the kids or doesn’t take them to school at all when she doesn’t feel well after a cocaine binge, and when high, her erratic behavior may embarrass the kids and her husband. When she doesn’t follow through on his request that she get help to stop using, he allows her to get away with multiple unfulfilled promises to quit abusing cocaine and makes things easier for her. He rearranges his schedule at work so he is available to take the kids to and from school. He hires a housekeeper to handle her work around the house, and covers for her with the neighbors.


If a child is abusing cocaine and his parents know it, they may be codependent by helping him to complete his homework or doing it for him when he misses work. They may call into school for him when he is ill after a binge and say he is sick. They may continue to give him money or employ him at the family business despite his inability to maintain a regular schedule or handle any responsibilities. When they ask him to quit, he always promises he will but when he doesn’t, his parents justify it as a phase and continue to help him in hopes that it will pass.


cocaine drug rehabHelp for Codependency During and After Cocaine Addiction


Codependency 12-step groups, group therapy sessions, personal therapy, family therapy – all of these forums can help the family members living with and enabling addicted loved ones to identify enabling behaviors and learn better coping skills. It can be a long, slow process, but if the true goal is to help the addicted family member get into a cocaine rehab, it starts with family members understanding that they cannot protect nor force change on anyone.


Contact us today to learn more about your options in cocaine rehab for family members as well as drug addiction treatment programs that offer support and assistance to family members.

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