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alcoholism treatmentFighting alcohol addiction is hard enough. Fighting bipolar disorder on its own takes years of therapy and medication. Fighting both at the same time – that requires a special brand of intensive, residential Dual Diagnosis rehab designed to provide you with the intensive help and healing you need to treat both issues at the same time.


What Is Bipolar Disorder?


There are two basic types of bipolar disorder and both of them cause serious problems when alcohol addiction is also an issue. The first type of bipolar disorder is often called manic depression. Extreme swings in mood, energy and functioning level characterize the disorder, and the cycles of mania and depression can cause problems at work and at home. Alcohol addiction often makes these pendulum swings become more frequent and absolutely impossible to control.


Bipolar Disorder II describes what happens when a patient develops mania and depression at the same time. There aren’t the same cycles between mania and high energy and depression characterized by low energy. Rather, the patient may experience extreme irritability or anger, insomnia, appetite changes and suicidal or delusional thinking, among other symptoms. Alcohol addiction only increases the experience of these symptoms and makes it more difficult for the patient to function.


bipolar depression and alcoholWhen Bipolar Disorder and Alcohol Addiction Meet


More than half of those diagnosed with alcoholism are also diagnosed with a co-occurring psychological disorder like bipolar disorder. Many try to self-medicate their bipolar disorder by drinking and end up making the situation exponentially worse. Often, the two combined can lead to hallucinations and delusions that cause them to behave in a way that is dangerous to them and those around them. It’s almost impossible to hide and rare that someone with bipolar disorder can be a functional alcoholic for long.


Treating Bipolar Disorder and Alcohol Addiction at a Dual Diagnosis Rehab


The best way to treat the co-occurring disorders of alcohol addiction and bipolar disorder is to attend a Dual Diagnosis rehab. Here you will receive intensive care for both the issue of alcohol addiction and the issue of bipolar disorder. Medication often plays a part as does psychotherapeutic treatment and care. Residential treatment is recommended for round-the-clock monitoring as you adjust to your medications and receive the help you need to stop drinking and start living a balanced and healthy life. Many make the mistake of attempting to treat the alcohol addiction first, but since bipolar disorder often heavily informs the drinking behavior, this almost never works.


Finding a Dual Diagnosis rehab to help you fight alcohol addiction and bipolar disorder starts with a single phone call. Contact us today.