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Tea Alternatives for Addiction TreatmentAddiction to either drugs or alcohol involves a combination of physical, mental and emotional dependence and those with this issue also often experience a spiritual emptiness. In standard treatment, a period of detox is used to overcome the physical addiction, while both individual and group counseling are utilized to address the emotional and mental factors that perpetuate drug and alcohol addiction. However, there are still a large number of individuals who relapse after receiving the above treatments.

Specific Well-Known Adjunct Treatments for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Although the perfect addiction treatment that works for everyone has not yet been found, many individuals find a combination of both standard detox and counseling in conjunction with alternative therapies to be the most effective route. Many of these adjunct therapies work to address all levels of an individual from physical to spiritual and can provide additional support needed to make the jump from addiction to sobriety. Many of these therapies are also continued after the initial rehabilitation process as part of maintaining recovery for the long-term.

The following alternative therapies have been found helpful in the struggle against alcohol and drug addiction

  • Physical Exercise. Engaging in good old-fashioned exercise either in the form of aerobic movement or activities that focus more on strength and flexibility such as yoga or Pilates does much more than burn calories and decrease weight. Regular exercise decreases stress and anxiety which often play a major role in addiction. In addition, it increases the amount of circulating endorphins, making individuals feel better both physically and emotionally.
  • Nutritional Education. By eating the proper foods, the body can eliminate toxins and repair the damage from years of drug and/or alcohol abuse.
  • Acupuncture. This Eastern practice helps individuals decrease emotional stress and can assist in reducing cravings
  • Herbal Remedies. Certain herbs can help relieve withdrawal symptoms by cleansing the blood and supporting the liver.

DumbellLesser-Known Alternative Therapies for Addiction Recovery

The following are therapies that aren’t as familiar to most in the area of addiction treatment but have been used with good results in addition to traditional rehabilitation treatment programs:

  • Biofeedback. This therapy trains individuals in how to induce relaxation within their own bodies.
  • Meditation. Engaging in this practice on a regular basis causes the body and mind to undergo significant relaxation.
  • Homeopathy. Follows the philosophy of “like treats like” by utilizing very dilute medications for specific ailments. This healing modality has formulations for different kinds of addictions.
  • Hypnotherapy. An individual’s subconscious is given directions on different ways to behave.

If you know someone in need of a rehabilitation center that provides all potential treatments, contact us today and we can connect you with alcohol and drug rehabs offering extensive alternative treatment possibilities.