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This Memorial Day weekend was an eventful one for a few US Customs and Border Protection patrol teams. The patrol teams intercepted two speedboats filled with cocaine, one located west of Ecuador and the other near the Panama-Colombian border. The approximate worth of the cocaine intercepted over the weekend is a whopping $500+ million.

The Goods

The crewmembers of multiple US Customs and Border Protection patrol teams worked together to intercept a group of international drug dealers. After spotting the crew of a large speedboat, the border patrol teams’ attempts to come alongside the boat were thwarted by the boat’s captain who weaved near the Panamanian coastline and around obstacles to evade them. The US Customs team alerted Panamanian police who intercepted the boat, which was found to be carrying bundles of cocaine that weighed more than 6,000 pounds. The estimated worth of the bundles is upwards of $445 million dollars.

The crew that intercepted the boat west of Ecuador spotted three people tossing large bundles of cocaine overboard, apparently because they realized they had been spotted. Authorities were forced to sink the boat to disable it, and the three suspects were arrested. Authorities state that the approximate worth of the cocaine intercepted in that boat was over $5 million, but they are unable to pinpoint the total worth due to the large amount that was discarded into the ocean.

The Benefits of Government Intervention

The benefits of government agencies working together for the common good are almost innumerable. The enormous amount of cocaine intercepted over Memorial Day weekend could drive the price of cocaine up, spare the occurrence of potential overdoses, and instill fear into the hearts of drug cartels that seek to push drugs across international borders. International cooperation is of the utmost importance as drug smugglers rely on the break in communication between countries to effectively operate. The importance of the role of the US Customs and Border Protection team is beautifully illustrated in these busts.

Change Starts at Home

The real change, the lasting change, has to reside within the homes and families of addicts or potential addicts. Immediate treatment and support are necessary for addicts on an individual basis to empower addicts to say “no” to life-threatening choices. More education and prevention are necessary for children, teens, and adults who may not understand the physical and legal risks involved with experimenting with drugs. The supply chain from drug cartels to the United States would stop if there were no demand for the products.

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