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bigstock-Baseball-Player-Taking-A-Swing-30992771The current drug use situation in Major League Baseball (MLB) reflects the need for change in order to increase the purity of sport. The MLB is reportedly about to suspend at least 20 players for using performance-enhancing drugs. Although this isn’t a shocking turn of events given the recent historical struggle with baseball players and performance-enhancing substances, it is nonetheless disappointing for millions of fans.

The league may ban players for up to 100 games, dependent upon legal negotiations. Players facing these bans include baseball’s highest paid player, Alex Rodriguez, as well as Ryan Bruan of the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Players’ Reactions to Increased Anti-Drug Regulations

Although most of the players who have been accused of using drugs to increase their playing ability have refused to make official comments, they are currently positioning themselves with legal and financial counsel. The players who have refrained from illegal drug use have reaffirmed their support of the league and their hopes that baseball can truly shake this drug-ridden reputation and restore the all-American reputation it once enjoyed.

The Human Growth Hormone

The human growth hormone (HGH) is a popular choice among professional athletes who choose to do drugs. The body naturally produces HGH, but this production decreases with age. Players hoping to ward off aging and to increase performance gravitate toward a synthetic HGH that mimics the natural hormone but has a myriad of negative side effects. These dangerous side effects include but are not limited to:

  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • High cholesterol
  • Edema
  • Numbness of skin
  • Increased risk of diabetes

Synthetic HGH promotes what many individuals would term “positive” results within their body, results such as increased muscle mass and energy. These results are not allowed to process naturally, however, as they would if the body was creating HGH itself by activities such as deep sleep or vigorous exercise. Because the body is not processing HGH naturally, the intake of the hormone has various side effects that could end up doing much more harm than good.

Baseball players aren’t the only ones who abuse HGH, steroids, and other substances designed to improve their performance at a certain sport. However, though drug use is done in an effort to excel at something that is believed to be healthy, it is a far better choice to seek true health through balance and avoidance of chemicals. This can begin with a detox period followed by intensive addiction treatment and therapy. Call now to find the program that will help you or a loved one successfully address addiction issues of any kind.

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