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Many who are recovering from marijuana addiction say that what they miss most is the escape that the drug provided for them. When they get stressed out at work or at home, they crave rolling a joint or smoking from their favorite glass bowl. If you are in marijuana addiction recovery and you would like to avoid relapse, here are a dozen ways to avoid getting high the next time you feel the urge:


  1. Get rid of the bowl. Or the bong. Or the rolling papers that you still have lying around. If you don’t have the paraphernalia to get high, it’ll make it more difficult for you to relapse.
  2. Come up with something funny or smart to say when people offer you drugs or alcohol if “no, thank you” doesn’t suffice. For some, it doesn’t. A witty comment can lighten the mood and make it clear that your intent is not to be a downer.
  3. Don’t fight with people. Arguments are a common trigger for marijuana relapse. Seek the peaceful solution rather than amp up a fight.
  4. Take yoga. Many people say they feel peaceful and relaxed much like they did after smoking week when they do yoga. Try it. See if you feel the same way.
  5. Take a new route to work. Changing up some of the details will keep it interesting and avoid the boredom that makes many want to smoke marijuana.
  6. If you feel uncomfortable, leave. Don’t feel obligated to stay in a situation that makes you feel like you want to get high.
  7. Make new friends. Old buddies who still smoke marijuana will make you miss the drug. Find new people to hang out with who are also clean and sober.
  8. Delegate stressful activities. If paying the bills makes you want to relapse, ask your spouse or roommate to take over the task.
  9. Find new places to hang out. Look for new coffee shops, bookstores, movie theaters and restaurants that are interesting rather than haunting the same places you used to go when you were high.
  10. If you have a piece of furniture that you always used to sit in when you got high, replace it.
  11. Rearrange the furniture. Make your life as different as possible to avoid evoking old memories.
  12. Go to a 12-step meeting. There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with positive people who are also interested in staying clean and sober when you feel like getting high.


How do you avoid relapse in marijuana addiction recovery?

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