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Choosing a Top Anorexia and Drug Addiction Facility

How Common Is Anorexia and Drug Addiction?
Many people who abuse drugs also have anorexia, and vice versa. Those who develop both disorders need a dual diagnosis rehab center that can treat both conditions simultaneously. If only one of the disorders is treated, the symptoms of the other disorder will resurface and could lead to relapse. Risk factors for anorexia and addiction include perfectionistic tendencies, a compulsive personality, and a family member who has struggled with these disorders.

anorexia and drug abuse

It is estimated that nearly 35 percent of people who suffer from drug addiction also suffer from a coexisting disorder such as anorexia.

According to an article from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, young women are especially at a high risk of becoming anorexic and using illegal substances simultaneously. Eating disorders are just as psychologically and physically destructive as drug addiction.

Because of the complex nature of co-occurring disorders, a dual diagnosis treatment center is essential to recovery from anorexia and drug addiction. If both issues aren’t treated simultaneously, one problem may worsen which can prevent the addict from making a full recovery. Recovery from both of these disorders isn’t easy but with proper support and treatment in an exclusive inpatient rehab, it’s very possible. The first step in the recovery process is facing reality and admitting that you have a problem with both food and drugs.

Linking Drug Addiction and Anorexia

Anorexics may turn to powerful drugs like cocaine, meth amphetamine and heroin to suppress their appetite. They also use these drugs because they boost metabolism so calories consumed are burned more quickly. Most are unaware of how addictive these drugs are until it’s too late.

Another reason that anorexia and drugs often go hand in hand is that anorexics may use drugs to quiet the voice in their head that screams they are too fat, ugly, unlovable and disgusting. This inner voice may tell them that bad things happen in their life because they weigh too much. When anorexics take drugs, they may get a reprieve from this voice.

Although anorexia and drug addiction have distinct differences, they share many similarities as well. For example, both a drug addict and a person struggling with anorexia use food or illegal substances to maintain control. Both anorexics and drug addicts are often very secretive about their issues – either with eating habits or using drugs. Both individuals may lie to loved ones and friends to maintain their drug addiction or eating disorder, and may partake in the addictive behavior in order to deal with stress. Both drug addicts and anorexics are often socially isolated due to their behaviors, reject treatment from private rehab centers, and as a result may have accompanying depression. Lastly, both will continue their destructive behaviors even though they may realize that these actions are having a negative impact on their lives.

Risk Factors for Anorexia and Drug Addiction

There are a few risk factors that can increase the chances of having anorexia and a drug problem, such as:

  • They have a family member who has struggled with addiction issues or an eating disorder.
  • They suffer from depression, low self-esteem or anxiety
  • They have perfectionist tendencies.
  • They have a compulsive personality.

Are You Suffering From Both Anorexia and a Drug Addiction?

If you are struggling with anorexia and a drug problem, contact us today. We can help you find a treatment center that can restore your mental and physical health. It’s a long journey but others have successfully overcome both disorders and now lead healthy lives.

Don’t wait. If you are ready to beat an eating disorder and kick your drug habit, rest assured that help is just a phone call away.

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