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Choosing an Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Center

Every individual who is considering an alcohol treatment program has one of two choices: a residential or outpatient rehab center.

While residential alcohol rehab offers a number of benefits, outpatient care is the logical choice for many for a number of different reasons. In order to understand why so many individuals choose outpatient alcohol treatment, it is best to look into these programs in greater detail.

What goes on at an Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Center?

During outpatient alcohol rehab, the individual must undergo detox before beginning the core elements of the program. In some cases, detox is offered on-site at the facility, while other times, it must be performed at another stand-alone detoxification center.

Once detox is complete, the individual will receive her counseling schedule. This schedule is likely to include individual, group or family counseling depending upon the philosophy of the program.

The core of an outpatient alcohol treatment program is when this counseling takes place. Unlike a residential rehab center (where the individual lives at the facility for the duration of treatment), and outpatient facility has the recovering addict attending counseling during the day and then returning home in the evening.

As the outpatient rehab program winds to a close, the individual will learn about aftercare offerings. These programs (including 12-step meetings and follow-up counseling) are designed to help the individual transition back into daily life while maintaining their sobriety.

What are the Benefits of Outpatient Alcoholism Treatment?

Although which type of treatment program you choose should be made on the basis of lifestyle and rehabilitation needs, there are a number of benefits to outpatient care for alcoholism, including:

  • Ongoing support from loved ones. Many individuals thrive with the support of friends and family during treatment. If this is the case, outpatient alcohol rehab is a much better choice, as it gives the individual access to loved ones at the end of every treatment day.
  • Cost of alcohol treatment. As a general rule, outpatient alcohol rehab programs cost much less than residential treatment. For those families that are struggling financially (perhaps as a result of one member’s alcoholism) this can remove a significant obstacle to treatment.
  • Maintaining responsibilities. Only outpatient alcohol rehab gives the individual the ability to maintain some responsibilities at home, work or school during addiction treatment. If the individual is the head-of-household, this can be a godsend (even if treatment does take up much of the week).
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