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Choosing an Alcohol Recovery Center

Choosing an Alcohol Recovery Center

Today, there are many Americans that are choosing to turn away from traditional medicine to focus on more natural methods of treatment for a variety of ailments.

As a result, there are a number of addiction treatment centers that focus on a holistic strategy for recovery. The goal of this type of alcohol abuse treatment is the same as that of any other addiction center; they simply take a different route to get there.

Treatment Methods at Holistic Alcohol Recovery Centers

Holistic alcohol treatment centers promise to look at both the body and the mind in order to provide spiritual healing that goes beyond just overcoming alcoholism.  While the spirit is a focus, it does not mean that all holistic treatment centers are religious by any means. They simply believe that as individuals obtain a better understanding of themselves, they will be able to improve.

The recovery tools learned in holistic rehab are techniques that individuals can use throughout their lives. Some of the activities that are commonly taught in holistic rehab include:

  • Meditation. This helps individuals center themselves and gain a sense of inner focus. It can be used to battle daily stresses, temptations to abuse alcohol and simply prevent feelings of anxiety from surfacing.
  • Yoga. This is a physical activity that releases natural endorphins, but it also provides the same benefits as meditation.
  • Acupuncture. This is a technique that relies upon the pressure points to reduce physical pain (as can occur with alcohol withdrawal) and relieve stress.
  • Physical activity. Exercise produces a natural high. This type of euphoria can help alleviate any depression that may be experienced during recovery. Hiking, swimming, aerobics and more are all part of a holistic exercise regimen.
  • Use of supplements. Rather than using medications, a holistic alcohol rehab program may suggest supplements designed to help alleviate symptoms of withdrawal and stress, or to simply improve the natural balance of the body.

In addition to all of the above activities used in holistic recovery from alcoholism, this type of program utilizes therapy.

Support Sessions in Holistic Alcohol Recovery Centers

Holistic rehab centers do not always use mainstream therapeutic techniques, but they do recognize the importance of a strong support system. They give alcoholics in recovery the chance to discuss their addiction individually with an addiction counselor as well as with a group of other addicts in recovery. These therapeutic techniques ensure that alcoholics have the opportunity to get to the root of their addiction and address any emotional repercussions.

Detox Before Holistic Alcohol Recovery

In some circumstances, alcoholics may be required to enter into a medical detox program before attending holistic alcohol recovery. This is due to the health risks that long-term alcoholics may experience when they go through withdrawal. In some circumstances, the seizures and other complications that surface can be life-threatening.  A treatment center will typically evaluate the needs of an alcoholic prior to admitting them, and ensure the right treatment is sought before the holistic rehab program begins.

Why Alcoholics Choose Holistic Recovery Centers

There are many alcoholics that worry about using traditional medicine – specifically drugs – during the course of their treatment due to the potential for addiction. They prefer to recover in a natural way so their bodies are finally free of the substances that have held them captive for so long.

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