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What Are My Private Alcohol Abuse Treatment Options?

There are reports that indicate that relapse rates for alcoholics are as high as 90 percent.

This data looks at the first four years following the completion of treatment. In this time period, the vast majority of alcoholics will relapse one time at minimum.  The chances of successful recovery are much lower in those who choose not to enter into an alcohol treatment program.

Many Americans are familiar with alcohol treatment due to the number of celebrities who enter into luxury rehabs for their own alcoholism. But there are few familiar with some of the specific details that would help them to explore their options if they needed executive treatment themselves.

Understanding Different Alcohol Treatment Structures

There are a few different treatment structures that commonly address alcoholism. They all have their own unique benefits. Alcoholics may decide which is best for them based on the length of their alcohol abuse, their budget and their personal level of comfort. These main alcohol treatment structure options include:

Treatment Options

Inpatient alcohol treatment is the option that is most often associated with celebrity rehab. These facilities require alcoholics to stay at a treatment center full-time. It is often assumed that this option is reserved for the rich and famous. While some inpatient rehab facilities are luxurious, there are some that have fewer amenities and in turn, lower price points. The same basic treatment services for alcoholism are the same regardless of the type of inpatient facility. The more expensive ones add services that pertain to comfort, providing things like room service, an on-site spa, personal chefs and more.

Choosing the Best Treatment Option for Alcohol Addiction

An individual suffering from alcohol addiction can choose from any of the above treatment structures. It is wise to explore each of them before making a decision, and speak with a certified treatment professional for guidance. 

Each of the treatment structures has their own benefits, and it is necessary to understand that the right fit is not the same for everyone seeking addiction treatment help.

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