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Understanding Addiction and Private Treatment

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What is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is characterized by a physical or psychological dependency on an addictive substance. Depending on the drug, the chances of a user becoming addicted will vary. Certain drugs that contain opiates like heroin contain stronger addictive properties than most other drugs. The chances of becoming hooked on it after only one use are greatly increased. Marijuana on the other hand has less physically addictive properties but can still create a strong psychological dependency in users. Both of these drug addictions and those listed bellow can require a rehab program in order for users to overcome them.

Substance abuse differs from drug addiction or alcoholism in the sense that users are not physically or mentally addicted to the drugs they are using but still consume them in a manner that would be considered abusive. This means means taking illicit drugs for recreational purposes or taking prescribe medication in a way that they were never intended to be taken.

Behavioral Problems

A person with a behavioral problem that might require professional treatment is someone with a process addiction that negatively affects their daily life. A process addiction is when a person keeps repeating an activity or ritual with little control to stop on their own. Behavior problems can also include things like conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder and cutting and self injury.

Treatment for mental health disorders is becoming more common as additional research about these debilitating illnesses is done - in which more understanding becomes known. It is not often easy to make a diagnosis though without the help of a medically trained professional. It is highly recommended that if you believe someone you know might be suffering from a mental illness, to seek a doctor or therapist to officially diagnose the condition before continuing to treatment.

Additional Addiction Resources

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