How Long Does Meth Stay in Your System?

The high experienced after smoking, snorting or injecting crystal meth is described by users as powerful – and quickly over.

For this reason, many take more and more of the drug in the hope of re-experiencing that first, intense rush only to become more and more irritable and paranoid as time passes and their sleep deprivation increases.

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Metabolizing Meth

When the user shoots, snorts or swallows methamphetamine, the body metabolizes the drug and turns some of it into amphetamine when it is in the bloodstream. A few hours after use, the body begins to process both chemicals – methamphetamine and amphetamine – through the liver and kidneys and excrete it as urine.

The National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA) says that as much as 50 percent of a dose of meth exits the body exactly as it came in – that is to say, it is not metabolized or processed at all and the user experiences no effects from it. When the user injects the drug, the NHSA reports that about 45 percent of it is also unchanged through the metabolic process.

What Affects the Length of Time That Meth Is Detectable in Your Body?

  • How often you use meth
  • Your dose at last use
  • The functionality of your kidneys and liver
  • The type of test used to detect the drug

How Long Does Meth Stay in the System?

How long does crystal meth stay in your system? It depends upon how much you use and how often, but it is estimated that the blood levels of the drug peak between 10 and 12 hours after use – and it can stay there for a long time, compared to other drugs. Clinical Chemistry, an academic journal, reports that the drug was found in the urine more than 34 hours after the last use while other sources report that it is detectable by urine tests as long as nine days after the last use.

Depending upon your ability to metabolize the drug, the length of time that meth remains in your system after use will vary.

Effects of Untreated Meth Abuse

  • Excessive weight loss
  • Malnutrition
  • “Meth mouth” (e.g., dental problems)
  • Skin problems
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Extreme depression in between binges

 What to Expect at Meth Rehab

Crystal meth addiction is unique compared to other substances of abuse in that those who abuse the drug regularly can often abstain for weeks or even months at a time – but frequently relapse without an active treatment program in place. For this reason, long-term sobriety is most effectively obtained by those who enroll in crystal meth rehab. Detox help, mental health treatment, psychotherapy, group support, and relapse prevention techniques are all incorporated into a comprehensive addiction treatment program in order to help those who need it to build a strong foundation in recovery well before cravings kick in.

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