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Mixing Cocaine With Alcohol, Heroin, and Other Drugs

If you’re familiar with cocaine, you know that it’s a stimulant that makes you feel alert, energetic and elated.

Whether you snort, smoke or inject it, cocaine comes with some serious side effects like addiction, heart trouble and loss of appetite.

When you mix cocaine with other drugs, like many people do, you might encounter more side effects from the second drug, plus you can encounter more serious side effects from the combination of the two than you would have experienced with just one. There are many different drugs that change the way cocaine affects your body.

If you use cocaine by itself or if you mix it with other drugs, you’re doing the right thing by seeking information. If you are looking for help for drug dependence or addiction for yourself or someone you know, we can assist you in getting the help you need. We can assist you in choosing the best residential rehab treatment center near you. Call us today.

Mixing Cocaine With Alcohol

Cocaine on its own can have effects on your heart, including making your heart rate speed up and raising your blood pressure.

When you drink alcohol while using cocaine, the effects on your heart can be much worse, making your heart rate increase dramatically. It can even speed up so much that you could have heart failure or a heart attack from the combination of alcohol and cocaine.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains that combining cocaine and alcohol causes your body to create a drug called cocaethylene, which is more dangerous than either cocaine or alcohol on their own. The 2005 Drug Abuse Warning Network report discovered that many people mix alcohol and cocaine. It studied visits to the emergency room and found that 27 percent of the people were there because they had combined alcohol with cocaine. This amounted to 86,482 visits in that year.

A study in the journal Neurology in June 2000 found that taking cocaine and alcohol together had effects on the brain that didn’t happen, at least to the same degree, by taking only one of the drugs. These effects include poor performance on learning and memory tests, and spontaneous behavior, which can lead to risky actions. These problems lingered for a month or more in the participants of the study.

Heroin and Cocaine

Mixing cocaine and heroin can lead to heart problems because it causes your heart to work too hard. Also, heroin and cocaine cause opposing effects in your body. Because of this, you might not realize you are overdosing on one of the drugs until it is too late.

In addition, snorting a combination of cocaine and heroin can lead to breathing problems, notably a condition called bronchial hyperreactivity – often an indicator of prolonged asthma.

A Fentanyl and Cocaine Combo

You should not combine cocaine with the opiate painkiller fentanyl as the mixture can magnify cocaine’s effects.

The combination of cocaine and fentanyl might cause symptoms like:

  • <Nausea
  • <Tolerance and addiction to cocaine
  • <Unconsciousness or coma
  • Feeling euphoric or confused
  • Feeling tired or sedated
  • Respiratory problems

Avoid Any Drug Combinations

If there is a drug that’s not on this list, it could very likely still cause problems for your body if you mix it with cocaine. Be incredibly cautious about mixing drugs because the mixture can affect your body differently than if you took any drug individually.

Mixing drugs often leads to overdose and potentially death.

If you have mixed cocaine with other drugs, it’s important to get the help you need to get back on track. Don’t put your health in danger; call us today for help finding a program that can treat your specific situation.

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