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Alcohol Statistics

How serious in the alcoholism problem in the United States? Serious enough so that almost everyone has seen their lives impacted in some way by alcohol addiction. Whether it is an alcoholic family member, an incident involving a drunk driver, or even one’s own addiction – the long arm of alcohol abuse has reached into many lives across the country.

The following information represents a series of key statistics about alcoholism and alcohol rehab in the United States. Some of these figures may be eye-opening, while some confirm what you already know

statisticsImportant Alcohol Rehab Statistics

  • According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), over 21% of all admissions to public rehab programs are due to alcohol abuse or addiction.
  • The same study also found that 18% of all those who enter treatment do so as a result of alcohol abuse and another drug addiction.
  • There are 23.6 million people living with alcoholism or drug addiction in the United States. According to statistics, only 10 percent of these men and women will receive treatment at a rehab facility.
  • In publicly-funded alcohol rehab facilities, 20-24 year olds make up the highest percentage of patients (14.4%). There is no demographic information available about private alcohol rehab centers.
  • Almost 20% of those men and women who suffer from alcoholism also have high blood pressure or hypertension.
  • Current alcohol abuses also suffer from above-average rates for arthritis, gastrointestinal problems, ulcers and heart disease.
  • Over 26% of all males over the age of 12 in the United States report having taken part in at least one binge drinking episode in the past thirty days.
  • Almost 8% of all women over the age of 12 during that same period report a binge drinking episode. (Both these figures, for men and women, have remained relatively unchanged over the past three decades).
  • One in every three fathers reports having had a binge drinking episode in the past thirty days, while only one in six mothers report the same.

statistics and facts2009 Statistics

Just how serious a problem is alcoholism in the United States in the year 2009? Shockingly, many people do not understand the depth of the problem. And although if queried, most people would believe that alcohol addiction would never touch the lives of their family, the reality lies in stark contrast.

By understanding alcohol rehab and alcoholism statistics, we are better able to see how this serious health condition cuts across men and women of all ages, races and socio-economic groups.

Alcohol Rehab and Alcoholism in the United States

Consider the following eye-opening facts, culled from various government agencies and non-for-profit groups throughout the United States.

  • There are over 22 million people in the United States who are currently living with a substance abuse problem or an addiction to drug or alcohol.
  • Of these 22 million people, only 5-6% will ever receive the proper treatment from a professional drug and alcohol rehab center.
  • Over 14 million people in this country are currently living with what can be defined as an addiction to alcohol.
  • Each year, over 100,000 people die as a result of alcohol-related issues. These can include everything from liver failure to drunk driving accidents.
  • In 2009, 10,839 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for nearly one-third (32%) of all traffic-related deaths in the United States.
  • Alcohol and binge drinking kills almost 7 times the number of young people each year than illicit drugs or misuse of prescription drugs.
  • Over 61% of all adults in the United States currently drink alcohol during the course of their lives.
  • 21% of all adults in the United States report having had 5 drinks in one day at least once during the past year.
  • Every year over 13,000 people die as a result of liver-disease related to alcoholism.

Helping someone who needs Rehab

One of the most dangerous things about alcoholism is that many of those who suffer from the condition are either unable or unwilling to admit that they have a problem. That means it is up to family and friends to help show the individual the seriousness of their condition and, if necessary, get them the alcohol rehab services as soon as possible. Holding an alcohol intervention is considered the most effective way to communicate the fact that there is a problem – and help lead the individual directly into an alcohol rehab program.

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